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16 February 1901 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

KATHERINE:- What are now called "transformations" cost from three to five guineas, and are really wigs, but so improved in every way and lightened that they are easy to put on and manage. They should be made of naturally curly hair, and, if made for the wearer at a good hairdresser's, should be delightful wear. We know several people who use them, but they find they need two, and also a stand upon which to dress them. They should also be sent back to the hairdresser's every few months. If your hair is only getting thin at the parting, why not try a different style of hair-dressing and do away with the parting?

T.I.F.:- Dear little girl of sixteen, you are far too young to be worrying yourself about engagements and lovers. Make up your mind not to think of them before you are five and twenty, and enjoy your beautiful youth. Besides, what about school and lessons, and making yourself valuable as a woman and to be a companion to anyone? We do not think you need be in such a dreadful fuss about your young man and his "broken heart". It is wonderful how much it takes to break one, and how little to mend it, and how soon youth recovers. There is nothing so unwise as these early marriages, and, alas! they are far too common.

F.A.T.:- Your writing, if not elegant, is very legible. Of course, in the highest ranks of society writing backwards is considered vulgar, at any rate, for women. This you could alter with a little practice.

ELAINE:- The invitations are issued in the names of your parents, to the church, and afterwards to the house. Unless there are a great number present, it is best to lay out the afternoon tea on the dining-table, pushing the latter up to the wall, so as to give more room. Provide tea, coffee, or iced coffee-cakes, and ices if possible. The wedding-cake should be in the centre of the table and the bride should cut it, or at least make an incision, when the tea is ready. The bride usually goes upstairs to change her gown before the tea is over, and the married pair leave in about half an hour or an hour. WE do not think you could do it more simply than this, and the expense of the tea would not be great.

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