Sunday, 2 March 2014

While I think of it...

I had a thought the other day. I have twenty-odd years of magazines to get through. The readership of this blog is tiny enough that if anybody wants more articles on any subject in particular I can provide on demand! So if you want MORE SCARY VICTORIAN FOOD, or MORE FASHION, or MORE SOCIAL INTEREST STORIES etc etc, please leave a comment or email me and let me know! :)


  1. Oops, one reader-sinner here:-) - I read many of the articles with great enjoyment, but never comment; so may I just say thank you here that you put all this online?:-)
    I'd be really interested in more social interest (etc.) and housekeeping (etc.) articles, since they are very useful for a research I'm doing - would that be possible, please?

    By the way, I've noticed the editors responding to letters from readers were often quite rude - do you have any idea perchance if that was the norm back then? Thank you:-)

    1. Thanks for the feedback and absolutely yes, there are some plum social interest and housekeeping articles I can line up for you. :) The next article in queue is actually a social interest one, about how to organise and run a jumble sale for the poor.

      And hahaha, yes the responses can be quite snarky can't they. I can't speak for other contemporary papers and magazines, but yes, the Answers to Correspondents I'm transcribing give a pretty good general idea of the overall tone of the Girl's Own Paper. If you're interested, someone has collected and published a book of particularly hilarious Answers to Correspondents from the GOP's male counterpart called (obviously) the Boy's Own Paper. I am totally not related to this work, but have read it, and you can look up its details on Amazon here.