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3 March 1880 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

MADCAP:- Weak eyes are common enough in young girls of fair complexion and a somewhat feeble constitution.  WEak cold green tea is the best and safest application, but cod liver oil - a dessertspoonful three times a day often works wonders in such cases.  The oil should be gradually increased till a tablespoonful can be taken.  The dose is from five to ten drops thrice daily in a little water.  Frequently bathing the forehead in cold water also does good.

J.W.C.F.:- 1. The simplest remedy for tightening the teeth when they are inclined to be loose is the tincture of murrh.  A few drops should be put in about a tablespoonful of water, and applied three times a day with a soft tooth-brush.  Also use any astringent tooth-paste, say that with rhatany root in it.  The causes of loose teeth are generally indigestion or general weekness.  A few drops, say fifteen, of the tincture of gentian before meals does good.  2. The best plan to make the hair grow thick, soft and glossy is to wash it once a week in lukewarm spring water, using the yolks of two eggs instead of soap.  No oils should be used, but a natural gloss may be got by daily brushing and combing for some minutes every morning.  This treatment stimulates the growth of the hair.  3. The best application known for softening the skin and preventing its injury from cold irritating winds is rose glycerine.

POLLY DUNSTONE:- Your little black-and-tan terrier, you say, has taken cold.  You do not give us the symptoms, however; but if it is hot and feverish, get a little mindererus spirit and give it a dessertspoonful at night, and a teaspoonful of castor oil in the morning.  Then, after two days, let it have three times daily ten drops of paragoric and about twenty each of the honey of squilla and syrup of poppies.  Keep warm and dry, and feed well.

FRANK:- We advise all young girls to rise at 7 a.m. and to be in bed by 10 p.m.  Should breakfast be at 8 you should not take anything previously.  Only an invalid should take any description of food or drink before rising when breakfast is served so early.  2. Perhaps your tooth requires stopping, or you mayu have caught cold in the jaw.  getting the feet wet is a common cause of toothache.  We have heard that using flour of sulphur as a tooth powder will prevent your being attacked by it.  3. What do you mean by "straightening yourself?  IF you mean that you stoop, the old-fashioned "face-board" stuck into your belt is the best cure that we can recommend.  This can easily be made for it.  It is shaped like a battledore with the middle cut out, only of a flat piece of wood.  4. Your last question "Is it right to be ambitoius?" is too vague.  A certain amount of ambition is very justifiable, as, for example, for a man to "covet to be a bishop" according to St Paul.  But there should be a limit to its indulgence, and ambition must be well balanced with other qualities, and so kept in proper check, or it may become a vice.  Much also necessarily depends on the direction which the ambition takes.

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