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19 June 1880 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

A STAMMERER - If you propose to be a pupil teacher, it is absolutely essential for you to cure your stammering, as it would utterly disqualify you as a teacher. There are masters who devote themselves entirely to its cure, and you should place yourself under tuition on this point. Reading aloud is a great help. There is a French method of forbidding you to speak for some days, and then to utter but one sentence; thus gradually permitting you to speak by very slow degrees.

TINY - You appear to be a vain little girl. Your looks should not be of so much consequence as your behaviour. We fear you are not so good and humble a little child as you ought to be.

CLEOPATRA - We are very sorry for your trouble in reference to your excessive bleeding of the nose. Inject a little alum and water up the nostrils, sit upright, and bathe the face and neck with cold water. Hold your hands up over your head, and habitually avoid stooping over any occupation. If these measures be insufficient, consult a doctor. Sometimes it is an effort of nature to relieve the system, which to a moderate extent, may even prove beneficial, but a medical man alone would be a safe judge of that. We must compliment you on your beautiful handwriting. We see very few such specimens.

MAGGIE WHITE - No lady bows to a clergyman, nor to any other man, unless already introduced. Your attending a church does not give you a right to bow to its clergyman, and if you do not look at him when passing, you can experience no sort of awkwardness in omitting a recognition But if you have been in the habit of bowing to a particular clergyman, you had better continue to do so.

SWEET SEVENTEEN (?) - You can get the eggs of silkworms in Covent Garden. They will eat lettuce when they first come out.

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