Monday, 17 October 2016

5 March 1881 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous


R.J.B. - Do not expect us to prescribe for individual cases such as yours. We can only speak in general terms of ordinary complaints. Constitutions differ, and some people are troubled with complications; while some have mischief going on of which they are not aware, or are unable to describe.

AN EARNEST INQUIRER writes - "I have heard it said that if you take a guinea-pig up by its tail its eyes will drop out; but as it has no tail, how can its eyes drop out?" Are you "earnestly inquiring" for the purpose of testing the result? If you put a little salt on a sparrow's tail, you will be enabled to catch him. "Earnestly" try the experiment with the sparrow; do as you like about the guinea-pig.

MEG - We sympathise with you. Tell your father how much you suffer from headaches, and that, apart from the suffering and state o health producing them, you find them to interfere with your daily work, and ask him to let you consult a doctor. If you can see the latter privately, you had better confide to him the blows you receive, and get him to tell your parents that any blows on the head are dangerous, and carefully to be avoided (without betraying that he knows how they were given). Hastiness of temper on your part may occasion some of your troubles. Lay your case daily before Him who permits the trial and ask for His grace and ultimate relief. Meantime, "patience must have its perfect work." Do not despond.

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