Thursday, 23 February 2017

25 June 1881 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

Before WebMD there was the Answers to Correspondents in The Girl's Own Paper

MYRA S. – We decline to inform anybody "the size their waist ought to be." "A Ward in Chancery" is an infant under the protection of the Court of Chancery.

MAY. – Cover the canary's cage by all means at night if the room be cold or draughty. Dogs' biscuits are the best food.

SNOWSTORM. – Very finely powdered burnt alum to use, and alum-water as a gargle, are often useful in such enlargement. For your decanters try a little lemon juice and fine salt mixed, which may remove the mildew. A bottle rack is used for drying bottles.

SIGNORA MASANTE. – Your letter is one of those which gives us encouragement in our work. You would obtain a few lessons in hairdressing easily, but you would have to begin as young ladies' or second maid, as it is difficult to get a situation of the sort without previous experience. You will obtain it through an advertisement in a good paper. Your writing and composition do you credit, the only drawback to the former being the flourishes with which it is graced.

LORNA. – You send us five or six questions, which is more than your share. Do not plait your hair too tight, its sudden falling out was probably more due to your health than to your having plaited it. Put your dried ferns into a book, and fasten strips of paper across their stalks to keep them in their place.

M.V.V. – Avoid sugar and sweet things, and never take beer. Biscuits would also be better than bread. You might improve your writing by writing copies of running hand, so as to acquire more freedom with your pen.

A DROWSY SUBSCRIBER. – So many call themselves "subscribers" that we have to supply some distinguishing appellation. The extreme nervousness of which you complain, combined with an equally distressing degree of drowsiness, sleeping for three hours in the day, in addition to sleeping heavily through the night, shows you to need a personal interview with some good doctor. We could not venture to prescribe for you. You appear to be suffering from malaria.

A PECULIAR SCOTCH LASSIE. – We confess that we are unable to give a satisfactory solution of such a phenomenon as that described. The writer's case might have deserved record in the book of "wonderful people," for "her eyes make a noise when she blinks," and like some mechanical toy she produces a rattling all over! A peculiar "grating noise in her chest when coughing," and another "in her throat when swallowing." We sympathise with her, but can only recommend the visit of a doctor who can judge of these noises and their probable causes.

VIETCHEN. – Your case is a very extraordinary one. We cannot give a recommendation of any particular doctor, but may tell you the climate of the island of Sark (Channel Islands) is said to be most beneficial to sufferers from asthma Your handwriting is good. 

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