Tuesday, 27 December 2011

6 January, 1900 - Varieties - 'How She Signed the Cheque'

Because girls are stupid, LOL.

The other day a young lady, the daughter of a well-known millionaire, visited a jeweller's shop and selected a turquoise and diamond ring valued at fifty pounds. She made out her cheque for that sum and handed it to the assistant.

The alert young man glanced at it. "There is a mistake here, I think," said he, with an apologetic smile.

The young lady flushed and asked if the cheque was not the right amount. She was told it was, but:-

"But what?" she exclaimed haughtily. "Do you mean that my cheque is not acceptable?"

The assistant mildly acknowledged that he knew quite well who the young lady was, but explained that the cheque was not made out just as it should be, and he handed it back.

The girl ran her eye over it and then turned a deep crimson.

"Oh," she exclaimed, "I see!" And then she proceeded to make out another cheque.

She had signed the first one:- "Your own sweetheart, Jessie."

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