Wednesday, 4 April 2012

12 November, 1887 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

YOUNG GIRL: - At your early age (fifteen years) the less you read in the way of novels the better. Better be satisfied with history and travels, in the brief space of time free for recreation in the way of reading. In any case, we can only say in such matters, consult your mother. If she sanction your reading any particular work of fiction, well and good. She will probably allow you to read those in prose and verse by Sir Walter Scott.

RATTLE-CAP:- You are an infant in the eye of the law until you attain twenty-one years of age. If in the upper class of society you ought to be in the schoolroom, and go to bed early at your age (sixteen). If in a lower class you are old enough to be apprenticed to some trade, or to enter domestic service under an older and more experienced servant.

"YOUNG LADY OF TWELVE":- YOu should ride out with your father, or brother if old enough, or else with some grown-up lady. But your mother is the right person to decide such matters for you. It is not for you to take a stranger's opinion and to regulate your conduct. The name Mozart is pronounced as spelt. Beethoven as Bet-o-ven, Chopin as Sho-pain, the French for bread; the last syllable being nasal in the French style. If you do not speak that language, we cannot explain by writing. Inquire for the duets you require at a music shop.

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