Tuesday, 17 April 2012

16 June, 1888 - Answers to Correspondents - Housekeeping

All that's morbidly curious in me wants to know if the potato thing actually works. Anyone got a piece of silk lying around that needs "renovation"?

CATKIN:- does not appear to have blanched the sweetbreads before frying them. They should be trimmed and skinned, then put into boiling water for five minutes, and lastly into cold water for an hour. Many old-fashioned people prefer to parboil them in milk and water before using; and then, when nearly cooked, to take them out, press between two plates, and when cold to lard them, if desired. But for an invalid they are best carefully egged and bead-crumbed, and lightly fried. A good authority on such matters, ie, Mary Hooper, considers that a pair of good large sweetbreads, at three shillings, are of better value than a London chicken at the same price.

OLD BLACK SILK:- may be renovated with potato water, which is good also for all colours and kinds of silk. Grate five or six potatoes into cold soft water, allowing one large potato to each quart. Five or six quarts will clean two dresses. Wash and pare the potatoes, leave the mixture undisturbed for two days, then pour off the clear liquid only, and dip the silk into it, without rubbing or creasing it. Hang each piece of silk on a clean horse to drip, and then lay them on a clean cloth and wipe with a clean towel. Lastly, iron, if needed, on the soiled side, with a cool iron.

A YOUNG HOUSEKEEPER:- Cakes are often made heavy by constantly opeining the oven-door while they are baking. Do you mean the "flead cakes" which are made by rendering down lard? WE do not think much of a recipe is needful, as the quantities depend on the amount you have of the lard residue. The flour is rubbed well with the hand, and sugar to taste is added. Then the paste is rolled out, cut into squares or rounds, and baked in the oven."

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