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1 November 1884 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

FLORENCE AMY:- Unless you mean to accept a man's proposal of marriage, you ought not to accept any ring from him. If you do, he has a right to consider that his attentions are received with favour. Your second question is one that we have ceased to answer. Refer to our indexes.

T.F.J.:- The bride's family provide the wedding cake and breakfast; but of course the bridegroom may present the cake should he particularly desire to save her family as much of the expense entailed.

VIOLA:- Your mourning for an intended mother-in-law should be slight; not crape, as it is only "complimentary". An engagement ring is not usually worn on the wedding-ring finger; but if worn there from individual choice it should be removed before going to church.

GRAN'S PET:- We are quite sure that we should appreciate "granny' also, if we had the pleasure of knowing her; and all you say about your converse over bygone times and friends of her former life interested us much. May she be spared to you long and may you find some good friend to comfort and be a companion to you when she is take home to "the better land".

NINON STANLEY:- An early walk is desirable; but you should never go out fasting. If you cannot get your regular breakfast so early, get a cup of milk and a piece of bread-and-butter, and then you will neither come in exhausted nor be so liable to take infection of any kind, nor blood-poisoning from any bad odour. A plain face, with a bright honest expression, is far more attractive than one that has only regularity of features to recommend it.

PETERIS AQUILINA:- Your letter is indeed melancholy. We should recommend a simple iron tonic, sea bathing, or a tepid sponge bath, followed by a good rubbing afterwards, plenty to eat, spending your days as much possible in the open air. Change of scene will do you more good than anything else. LEave off reading and study and do not worry yourself about anything.

FISHWIFE:- 1. All fish do not sleep, and goldfish are included amongst the ever-waking ones. Tench, carp and minnows do sleep, and the various species of the wrasse. 2. Apply ammonia or sal volatile to the mosquito stings

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