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22 February, 1886 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

W.R.:- had better try to find some occupation, interest or amusement that will take her out of herself, and make her think of other people. She should take plenty of exercise, and bathe in tepid water every day; abstain from sitting up late at night and from reading novels.

OLD COTTONBALL:- A person is a bride whether married in church or at a registry office. In country neighbourhoods a bride is said to be considered one till some other bride comes within the year.

GORSE FLOWER:- had better induce a friend to give her lessons. A raw egg beaten up with sugar is said to give the voice strength, also gargling with salt and water.

A CONSTANT READER OF G.O.P.:- If the doctors cannot help you, we fear we cannot. Cod liver oil might do you good. Such glandular swellings are not uncommon, and they are very generally painted with iodine. Ask a doctor whether it will succeed.

SALLY COOK:- We do not think you are wise in praying so much for a husband, however lonely you feel. Marriage is a more serious undertaking than you are aware, and certainly we cannot tell you how to gain the young man you wish for very much. If you already  have a comfortable home, be contented with it, and thankful and if you have a widower father let it be your business in life to be a help and comfort to him in his comparative loneliness. This is your obvious duty.

PEGGIE:- If your husband died without a will, leaving you and one child, the estate would be divided in one third to wife and the rest to the child. His sisters have no claim on it.

A REBELLIOUS ONE:- There is no necessity for being awkward because you are tall. Be careful how you hold yourself. Never stoop, keep your head up and your chin well back, and take pains in walking well. Perhaps your brothers are envious of your height. If not strong, lie down for some time daily to rest your back, and always be thankful that you are not a poor little dwarf. We thank you for your kind letter. Your handwriting is neat and fairly good.

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