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24 July 1880 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

FORTUNE is informed in answer to her queries (1) that if the hair is turning grey from neuralgia in the scalp quinine should be take when the pain is absent, a grain and a half twice a day after meals, dissolved in a little water, with four or five drops of aromatic sulphuric acid. She ought to brush the scalp twice a day with a hard brush if it can be borne, wash it occasionally and take plenty of exercise. 2. Diamond cement is the best for piecing China; and (3) that Tarquin the First was a king of Rome, beloved alike in peace and war, who died in B.C. 518. Tarquin the Second was his grandson, B.C. 509, whom the Romans finally rose against and banished from the city.

CHANG'S SISTER is growing so fast she does not know what to do, she is 15 years old, 5ft 3 1/3in, in height, and still growing very fast. She must keep her mind easy, for it is a long lane that has no turning. She also wants to know how to feed a fox-terrier puppy six weeks old; continue its milk for a month yet, only it must be thickened with gruel, bread, etc., and afterwards give it broth and the scraps from the table.

FLORA - We sympathise much with you in reference to the dissatisfaction expressed by your grandmother with everything you do. But if you have no mother, she is the next in nearness of relationship, and we should advise your trying to bear with the old lady, and trying to please her better. After all, you may yourself be in fault. Reflect a little over this suggestion. It may rest with yourself to make your home happier, and that which Providence has given you may be a better one than you could provide for yourself by going into business.

FLIBBERTY GIBBET - 1. Your games during "recreation interval" should be lively and involve plenty of exercise, as you sit so much in school. "Tierce, or touch the third," "whip magic music," "dumb charades," "stag," "chivey," "French cricket," "Tiggie, touch wood," "cross tick," etc., are good for the purpose. Most of them can be played either in or out of doors, by large numbers and during a short interval. The mode of playing these and other games will be fully described in the series of papers entitled "What to do on Holiday Afternoons". 2. Your writing is very neat and fairly good for a girl of thirteen, but too stiff and laboured looking. Pay more attention to the shape of your letters, particularly o, s, and h; do not curve and twist your down strokes, but try to write with more ease and freedom.

MAYFLOWER - The fact of your not being at home when the clergyman's wife calls upon you by no means absolves you from the obligation of returning her visit. 2. You have no business with your visitor's hat and stick. If he be acquainted with the rules of polite society, of course hw ill bring them into the reception room with him, and put them upon the floor or upon a chair. He could not leave them in the hall unless staying in the house.

CLIS - It is very injurious to remain long in the sea. If you can swim, ten minutes should be the utmost limits of your stay in the water; if you cannot, half that time would be quite long enough, and only two or three plunges in and out if the reaction be not very good. 2. You write a fair hand for a child. It is not "vulgar," as it has no peculiarities of form to render it so. It is unformed as yet.

PHEBE AND HILDA - We do not think it would be nice and "ladylike in a girls' school to challenge another school to a game of cricket or rounders." We have already expressed an opinion in reference to the former game in connection with girls. Your writing is too upright and stiff.

MARION FLORENCE A is informed that the habit of eating butter to excess tends to obesity. The cure is, of course, to remove the cause.

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