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1 January 1881 - 'Answers to Correspondents' - Miscellaneous

ZETA - Parkin, if properly and sufficiently baked, is always quite firm - even hard at first. It should be made a few days before it is required for use, and it will soften gradually when exposed to the air. Probably the settling in the middle of yours was caused by a too slack oven, or insufficient soaking. 2. Your kind and nicely-expressed letter deserved to be better written. Your writing is cramped, and your letters are indistinct; but practice and patience will soon amend these faults, and you give us the impression that you are willing to be taught.

MARY WALLER - Feed the kitten by dipping a small piece of sponge in some warm milk and letting it suck it, as it is too young to lap.

DOROTHY LASCELLES - You are ill from overwork and worry, and you are tall for your years. We must tell you the truth; *rest is the principal thing to cure you. Tonics might prop you up a bit, and a roborant plaster on the loins will help you. Take good food, but nothing to make you sleep. That would be dangerous; also try a bath in the morning, the shower would be the best. "You are the eldest of a large family, and your hands always full." We can sincerely sympathise with you, and many like you, even if we cannot help you.

JANIE, E.E.M., LILLIAN B., AND ALL OTHER GIRLS WHO HAVE SENT US CHRISTMAS CARDS AND KIND MESSAGES - We thank you heartily for your cheering tokens of friendship and goodwill. It is just a year since the first number of THE GIRL'S OWN PAPER was sent out into the world, and we are heartily thankful to be able to say that the support received has far exceeded the most sanguine expectations of the publishers. The Editor is delighted to inform his readers that the tone of their letters (over 1,000 weekly) has greatly improved, and he is certain that the girls are being led to feel that the aim of life should be high, and that it is far nobler to work hard than to fritter time away in trifling occupations or frivolous amusements. A spirit of modesty and earnestness is the prevailing tone of the letters from our girls. May they ever continue to cultivate these virtues. While acknowledging their kind support and encouraging friendliness which has prompted the sounding of the cards, the Editor wishes one and all "A HAPPY NEW YEAR."

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