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16 April 1881 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

 VIELLE GANACHE - Your writing is that of a foreigner and is decorated with more flourishes than are usual in good English writing, but the characters are clear, even and legible.

L.M. - People of really good breeding never leave out the "Miss" before the Christian name on the visiting card. Boys of twelve or thirteen usually have the prefix "Master" before their Christian names on letters, &c.

TOPSY - seems happily situated, and had better remain contented and useful.

ROSA - You are well rid of one who could treat you as you think you have been treated, but you may have been mistaken in supposing there was more than polite courtesy.

RUTH - We got about 200 letters on the day that yours came. If only one minute were taken in opening and looking at each, you can calculate how much time it would require. The time taken in writing replies no one can imagine, and many questions cannot be answered off-hand. Therefore it is not likely we can give time to questions of no general interest, and which could be answered by any person at hand. The best book on the theory of music is Canister's Music, 3s. 6d.

CHATTY - We do not think it is quite proper for a girl of sixteen to travel alone, but "circumstances after cases," and "necessity has no law" and it is sometimes impossible to avoid such things. A reserved and quiet demeanour is a great safeguard, and a book an excellent refuge against intrusion and unwelcome attentions.

TITANIA - We should advise you to consult a doctor, who will probably be able to give you relief.

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