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2 April 1881 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

GERTRUDE TREVOR - We fear you would find some difficulty in getting the boy into an orphanage, as he is not really an orphan. As he has been at school  for the past four years, would it not be wiser to endeavour to place him with a stationer or bookseller, where he would obtain his board and clothing, and could continue to attend school at night. 

DUNELM - You do not tell us what your own feelings are, so our advice would be useless. But we should think that you had better speak to your father, if you wish to put an end to the acquaintance, and let him act for you. We regret that your writing should have been so much neglected. 

ALPINE SAPLING - The "Willow Pattern" illustrates an old traditional Chinese story of two young people who married clandestinely, were pursued by the bride's father to be beaten to death, but were changed into turtle doves, and so escaped. The three figures are represented on the bridge; that nearest the willow is the mandarin with the whip. On the right is his country seat; the small cottage is that of the gardener from whence he watched them. The island home in the distance is that of Chang, the young lover of Lichi, the mandarin's only daughter.

BEATRICE - Because you have been seven years in your situation you wish to change. You had better think twice and oftener about it. There are hundreds and thousands who would gladly take your place if you left it.

SP - Wait five years. What is done in haste will be repented at leisure.

PYGMEE - Several hundred letters of correspondence come every week. It is possible to give replies only to a selected number, which seem to have special interest. Many are about trifles, or ask questions which anyone at hand could answer if asked. Never be ashamed to confess ignorance by seeking information.

And finally, LOL: 

MABEL BOLTON, of Weymouth, writes to say, "I shall be obliged if you will intimate that the Mabel Bolton whom you advise not to waste her time and fancy on attempting to write verses is some other than myself. I ask this because your criticism and the somewhat uncommon designation of your correspondent have misled my friends and exposed me to some unpleasantness.

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