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5 February 1898 - Useful Recipes

Cosmetics! And a recipe for toothpaste!

ORIENTAL FACE CREAM:- Six grains of powdered tragacanth, six drams of pure glycerine, nine ounces of triple rosewater. Mix well, and add two drams of simple tincture of benzoin. This makes a splendid white emulsion which leaves no greasy stain upon the skin.

HAIR RESTORER (IN POWDER):- Two drams of pure sugar of lead, three drams and a half of pure milk of sulphur, five grains of powdered cinnamon. Mix. To be added to twenty ounces of rosewater.

LAVENDER PERFUME FOR SMELLING SALTS:- Six drams of oil of lavender aug., five drops of oil of cloves aug., ten drops of oil of rose geranium, ten drops of attar of roses, one dram and a half of essence of ambergris, two drams of essence of bergamot, one dram and a half of essence of musk. Mix and shake well before dropping on the salts.

MACASSAR OIL.:- Ten ounces of oil of sweet almonds, three drams of oil of bergamot, two drams of oil of rose geranium, sufficient alkanet root to colour. Digest.

COCA TOOTH PASTE:- Four ounces of powdered precipitated chalk, three ounces of powdered orris root, one ounce of powdered white soap, half an ounce of powdered cuttlefish, two drams of powdered carmine, half an ounce of tincture of coca leaves, thirty drops of oil of ligu aloe, thirty drops of oil of peppermint, five drops of oil of castarilla, sufficient pure glycerine to make a paste.

BLOOM OF ROSES:- One dram of pure carmine, one dram and a half of strong solution of ammonia, three drams of pure glycerine, one dram and a half of white rose triple perfume. Sufficient triple rosewater to make up four ounces; rub up the carmine with the ammonia and glycerine, add an ounce of rosewater, and heat to drive of traces of ammonia. When cold add the white rose and make up four ounces with rosewater, and filter.

FRECKLE LOTION:- One dram of sulpho-carbolate of lime, two ounces of pure glycerine, one ounce of spirits of wine, one ounce and a half of orange flower water, three ounces and a half of triple rosewater. Mix well; to be applied morning and evening, and also after exposure.

LIME JUICE AND GLYCERINE:- Two drams of white curd-soap, two ounces of distilled water, eight ounces of fresh lime-water, eight ounces of oil of sweet almonds, one dram of oil of bergamot, half a dram of oil of lemongrass, half an ounce of essence of lemon. Well mix the oil and the lime-water in a large bottle, dissolve the soap in the distilled water by aid of heat, add the solution to the emulsion, shake well, and lastly add the essential oils.

MOUTH WASH:- Half an ounce of salts of tartar, four ounces of honey aug. opt., thirty drops of peppermint, thirty drops of oil of wintergeen, two ounces of spirits of wine, ten ounces of triple rosewater, sufficient liquid cochineal to colour. Mix well. To be used morning and evening.

WHITE HELIOTROPE:- (A) One dram of heliotrope, one ounce of extract of jasmine, one ounce of extract of white rose, two ounces of extract of ambergris, sixteen ounces of spirit of wine. (B) Thirty drops of oil of bergamot, three ounces of extract of neroly, three drops of essential oil of almonds. Mix. Allow (A and B) to stand separately for a week, then mix them and filter.

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