Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 1880 - A Few Hints Upon the Management of a Watch

1st - Wind your watch as nearly as possible at the same time every day. Care should be taken to avoid sudden jerks.

2nd - Be careful that your key is in good condition, free from dust and cracks. It should not be kept in the waistcoat pocket, or any place where it is liable to rust or get filled with dust.

3rd - Keep the watch while being wound steadily in the hand, so as to avoid all circular motion.

4th - The watch when hung up must have support and be perfectly at rest, or, when laid horizontally, let it be placed on a soft substance for more general support, otherwise the action of the balance will generate a pendulous motion of the watch, and cause much variation in time.

5th - The hands of a duplex or chronometer watch should never be set backwards; in other watches this is a matter of no consequence, but to avoid accidents it is much better to set them always forward.

6th - The glass should never be opened in watches that are set at the back.

7th - Keep your watch-pocket free from dust or nap, which generally accumulates in the pocket when much used. 

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