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3 April 1880 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

E.T.N.N.A - 1. We do not prescribe "charms" for the curing of any complaints. The usual method adopted for removing warts is to touch them with lunar caustic or aromatic vinegar daily. 2. Your writing needs correction. Take some pretty and legible model, and copy it carefully every day, so as to form your hand by degrees.

AN INQUIRER - We hardly know what the shade of John Bunyan would say if it could read your enquiry as t "whether the 'Pilgrim's Progress' were a novel" Procure it and judge for yourself; this you evidently have not yet done. But in case you have, I may tell you that it is an allegory or parabolic story, of which we have the first examples in the Holy Scriptures.

A.S.K. - Your handwriting is fairly good, but your spelling is bad. Law-copying (not "coping") may perhaps be obtained by personal enquiry in lawyers' offices in your own neighbourhood. But you will have to be taught, for one mistake will spoil a whole document.

FANNY - Your enquiry respecting the making of an electric telegraph machine, is so expressed as to be utterly unintelligible. We advise you to devote a little time to learning your English grammar. There is not a single instance of punctuation in your letter. IF you wish to manufacture such a machine you should take lessons of some mechanic.

AN ELDER SISTER - We do not consider that questions such as yours, respecting matrimony, come within the limits of our correspondence.

FLORENCE writers to say that "she would be glad to be informed how to earn her living; that she has read all that has been put in THE GIRL'S OWN PAPER, but it is not the kind of thing for her". As Florence gives us no information with respect to her acquirements, her natural gifts, nor her position in life, it is quite impossible for us to give her any further suggestions.

ICE - We are very sorry that we are unable to give you any satisfactory advice as to supplementing your present earnings. You would not be eligible for any work in "law copying" on account of your handwriting, which is very bad; and the composition of your letter is not even grammatical. Surely you could improve both. We do not write private letters.

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