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28 February 1880 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

DAISY - We are obliged for your letter, but are not in want of contributions. You had better study your spelling-book a little more, as you have failed within the few lines you have sent us.

PHILLIS MEADE - See answer to "Elsie" in No.4, THE GIRL'S OWN PAPER. You are too young to talk of an 'inveterate habit", which you might discover to be only ordinary laziness and self-indulgence. Go to bed early, or earlier than you do at present and you will find this the best cure for lying in bed in the morning.

SNOWDROP AND CROCUS - The teeth should be well brushed in the morning with powdered chalk, and at night with Castle soap. We do not advise the use of anything that will "whiten", only what will keep them clean. Rubbing them with a little lemon juice, however, would do no harm.

COSETTE - Of course bleeding from the lungs is a serious matter. No violent exercise, especially with the arms, nor any prolonged fatigue, even from quieter exertions, would be at all safe under such circumstances. A preparation of lead will probably be prescribed for you. But you ought to consult a doctor.

ROADES - Yes, it is lawful.

MONA - There is a small handbook on the care of cats, which any bookseller would procure for you. Probably you are giving your own greasy food, and meat.

POETESS - We cannot advise your sending your verses anywhere. Rhyming lines in metre do not necessarily constitute poetry. If there be no new and original ideas, we can only compare the composition to a shell without a kernel.

A NUT-BROWN MAID - You appear to be in a deplorable condition. Spots on the face are trying, baldness still more so, stoutness the only encouraging symptom. We only imagine that you "laugh and grow fat". Take moderate exercise, wash your face well daily with a non-irritating soap, and try  a decoction of rosemary for your hair.

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