Wednesday, 27 April 2016

29 May - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

ELEANORA DE BERRI - We are much struck with your father's kindness, inasmuch as you have insulted him by a refusal to share his home, without having even made a trial of living with your future step-mother.  You are not even of age, and we consider that you have no right to say that, although "he wishes you to live with him," you "cannot do that!" Pray, what hinders your submitting to your parent's wishes? Of course, there are circumstances under which you would be quite justified in leaving home, and earning  subsistence for yourself. But it does not appear that you have any excuse for undutiful conduct. If you had, doubtless you would have availed yourself of it. We counsel you to return to your obedience. Do your utmost to leave peaceably with your father's wife. Try to earn her esteem, during the year of your minority yet to elapse, gratify your father by your submission to his wishes, and prove your thankfulness to him for his indulgence in placing a furnished house at the disposal of one who would wilfully abandon the home, and the living which he accorded to her gratis. In a year's time let us hear from you again. To say the least - your withdrawal from your home against a parent's wish and to occupy a house by yourself - without any chaperone or guardian, and especially as a minor - would seriously damage your character; and be likely to prejudice all right-minded people against you.

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