Monday, 22 August 2016

11 December 1880 - 'Answers to Correspondents' - Miscellaneous

A.M. - 1. Endeavour to remove the fruit from the stones with your fork, otherwise remove from the mouth in the hollow of the almost closed left hand, placing it close to the mouth so as to conceal the passage of the stone from the mouth. Never remove them in a spoon. 2. Remain at the dinner table till after dessert, and rise, leaving the dessert china and glasses still on the table. 3. Do not use a spoon and fork simultaneously - a common habit, but ignorantly practised. Remove your knife and fork from your plate, and lay them beside you; when you send for a second help as they both incommode the carver and endanger those at table whom the servant has to pass. If you desire a second help, lay the knife and fork on your plate until observed, with the points together, and the handles apart. When you wish to show that you desire no more, lay both parallel with each other across the middle of your plate, the handles towards you.

HILDA ASMOND - We feel rather shocked at your being so little acquainted with your Bible as to ask such a question. Read the Epistles of St. John, and seek  for the text yourself.

CLARE VERE DE VERE - How should we know? We never saw your elder brother ride, and cannot say what kind of a teacher he would make. It is always safe to begin with a good teacher, so as not to fall into bad habits, which, if once formed, can seldom be eradicated.

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