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25 December 1880 - 'Answers to the Correspondents' - Miscellaneous

SCHWEITZ - 1. Your schoolmistress may feel better satisfied with the appearance of your short, newly-growing hair, if you get a large circular comb, such as worn by little girls, and gathering in all the short locks at the side together with that at the back, leave the comb across the head just below the turn; tie the ends of the hair together firmly and fasten on a broad bow of brown ribbon at the back to match the hair. 2. If the governess under whose charge and protection you walk out permits you to buy chocolate, there is no objection to your so doing; in itself it is very nutritious. You write a beautiful hand.

VIOLET B.S. - If the class you are asked to take consists of little children, you will interest them best by trying to put yourself in their place when preparing your lesson. Try to recall your own impressions when you were their age, and look at the narrative from a child's point of view; this will help you to see and explain difficulties which you might otherwise not think of. Talk to them in simple everyday language, and try to show them how the lesson applies to them, and illustrate it by any anecdotes which bear on the subject, and describe the country and dress of the people as far as possible; you will find many particulars of that kind by comparing the chapter wt references given in the margin. But remember, above all, that the Sunday afternoon is given you to show them the way to heaven. Let it be your first object, then, to teach them how to lead Christ-like lives that they may be "meet  for the kingdom of heaven."

PAULINA - 1. When visitors call to see you give your undivided attention to them. You may take your fancy work with you when spending an evening with friends, provided it be a homely visit. Not on a formal occasion. 2. You may give your bird the yolk of a hard-boiled egg, and also some saffron in the water, when he is moulting.

AN ADMIRER OF THE GIRL'S OWN PAPER - We imagine that you have an attack of nettle-rash. Consult your doctor.

HILDAY MAY - Speak very slowly if disposed to stammer, and beat time with your hand or foot while practising speaking in private, having collected your thoughts and made up your mind on what you wish to say before you begin to speak.

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