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20 November 1880 - Answers to Correspondents - Miscellaneous

TOPSY - We blame you not for weeping, as the song says, but try to take things more easy. Some people "worry" through life, make life in fact a continued "fever," and shorten their days by so doing. If you cannot learn to command your feelings at fifteen, you will not be able to do so at twenty. We are not making light of your troubles indeed, for such a girl's grief is often very real. Bathe your eyes with water (cold) in which a little toilet vinegar has been poured; then lie down a little and repeat the bathing when you get up. Afterwards sit in the fresh air for a short time, or at an open window. 2. All Walter Scott's novels are good, but read "Ivanhoe," it is spirited, and will not make you cry much. Writing fair, rather too round. Practise.

WAITING - You write very well.

C.C.G. - We prefer the "t's" crossed.

NELLIE B. - You write well, but red ink is objectionable, as it is too pale.

CORA FORREST - You may either peel the orange and divide it in its natural sections, or cut it in halve and quarters, and use both knife and fork. Your writing promises to be good.

NIL DESPERANDUM - Your writing is a beautiful copperplate hand.

J.B. VANE - The age at which a girl may be engaged must depend on her mother's wishes. We should consider seventeen too young, unless under exceptional circumstances. You promise to write well.

JENNIE WREN - Your natural hand, No.1, is by far the best of the collection, and very good. Your verses are much the reverse.

JENNY GEDDES - A travelling companion should speak good French, German and Italian, be familiar with the coin of each Continental country, should be well read in all the best guide books, and should be quick in understanding railway guides. When a route has been chosen and the best places for breaking the journey decided upon, the companion should make herself well informed as to the places of interest best worth a visit, and be able to act as a valuable guide.

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